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  Item # Description Price Unit Purchase
BBS33 Round Bucket 33 Piece Building Block Set
Each set contains 33 pieces and comes in a storage tub with clock and shapes top.
$5.50 Each
MHC Metal Handcuffs with Keys
Made of metal and each pair comes with one set of keys. Individually boxed for resale.
$0.95 Each
MGLASS One Gross Magnifying Glasses
Each magnifying glass comes individually packaged. These are made of plastic. Can be used for: stamp collectors, school, drawings or make great favors for parties etc.
$14.40 Gross
COMPASS One Gross Plastic Compasses
Sold per gross only. Made of plastic. Measures approx 1" in size. (144 pc/gross)
$6.00 Gross
COLORBOOK One Gross Assorted Coloring Books
Sold per Gross only (144 pc per gross). Assorted. Approx size is 5" x 7". Each coloring book contains 6 pages
$16.00 Gross
ECHOMIC 9.5" Echo Microphones Children's Toy
Made of plastic. Assorted Colors. Measure approx 9.5" tall. Individually packaged. These will make an Echo when you talk into them. Great favors for parties
$0.95 Each
HELC 8" Flying Helicopter
Individually packaged for easy resale. Helicopter sits on base and when Launched will fly up into the air
$1.00 Each
MARBLE 40 Pc Marble Set with Large Shooter Marble
$0.45 Each
DOMINO 28 Piece Domino Set with Case
28 Piece Domino Game Set with Case
$0.65 Each
25CS 25 Piece Assorted 2.5" Die Cast Cars
Each comes prepacked 25 pc per car set. Free wheeling. Die Cast Metal.
$3.95 Each
CAWHITN One Dozen Wooden 7" Train Whistles
Sold per dozen only.
$4.95 Dozen
CHINYOYO One Dozen Assorted 6" Chinese Yoyo's
Sold per dozen only. Assorted colors.
$1.95 Dozen
WATERYOYO One Dozen Assorted 2" Water Yoyo's
Sold per dozen only. Assorted colors.
$3.95 Dozen
PB One Dozen Paddle Balls
Sold per dozen only. Measure approc 10" in size. Wooden Paddle Ball
$3.95 Dozen